Architectural Wood Windows

Grabill manufactures a complete luxury product line of “Architectural Wood Windows,” with highly flexible design options – ranging from traditional to modern styling. 


Our Traditional Wood product line captures the spirit of the past, as our team crafts historically accurate single, double or triple hung windows with either a weight & pulley or concealed spring balance operation.

An all wood solution allows the flexibility to create custom profiles unique to each individual project. Many of our techniques used for preservation projects are the same techniques that were originally performed, making our work authentic and true to the time period.  While we rewind time in regards to product design, we fast forward with product engineering, as our double-hung carries a DP50 rating, and testing values from our multiple glazing options far exceed the original single pane windows’ performance values.


Grabill twists together a classic material type and modern, sleek styling in our Contemporary Wood product line.  A narrow frame stays out of the way, making it perfect for large curtain walls and corner units to take center stage.

Premium wood extends the full jamb depth of each unit’s interior, making each opening transform into a work of art.  The type of interior and exterior wood can differ if a split species option is desired for a specific project, giving you the option to select the most durable exterior wood species to take on the harshest weather.

The window options available in the Architectural Wood Product Line include: direct set windows, fixed sash windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, and tilt-turn windows.

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