Architectural Aluminum Clad Doors

Grabill aluminum clad doors complete both contemporary and traditional visions for residential and commercial spaces. Luxury interior and exterior doors of fine quality and craftsmanship are custom designed and individualized for each project. Traditionally hinged, bifold, pocket, lift and slide, and pivot entry doors are a mere few of the many premium door systems Grabill provides.

Grabill aluminum clad doors are wood doors clad with heavy gauge aluminum extrusions. To increase energy savings, we offer high performance insulated glass (IG) units with “warm edge” spacer bars that reduce heat loss and condensation at the IG perimeter.

Our standard aluminum clad door thickness is 3 3/4” or as the project requires. Our standard 1¾” aluminum screen doors are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum extrusions and are designed for ease of use and service. We offer a powder-coated or anodized aluminum exterior finish and a painted or stained wood interior finish.

1.75″ Standard Door Detail Downloads

1.75 Alum Clad-Pivot Door
1.75 Alum Clad-Outswing Door
1.75 Alum Clad-L&S Door
1.75 Alum Clad-Inswing Door
1.75 Alum Clad-Bifold Door
1.75 Alum Clad-Outswing Bifold at Sill
1.75 Alum Clad-Outswing Bifold at Head
1.75 Alum Clad-Inswing Bifold at Sill
1.75 Alum Clad-Inswing Bifold at Head
1.75 Alum Clad-Bifold at Meeting Stile
1.75 Alum Clad-Bifold at Meeting Stile with Handle
1.75 Alum Clad-Bifold at Latch Side Jamb
1.75 Alum Clad-Bifold at Hinge Side Jamb

2.25″ Standard Door Detail Downloads

2.25 Alum Clad-Pivot Door
2.25 Alum Clad-Outswing Door
2.25 Alum Clad-LS Door
2.25 Alum Clad-LS Door Fastrack sill
2.25 Alum Clad-Inswing Door
2.25 Alum Clad-Bifold Door
2.25 Alum Clad-Bifold Door Sill
2.25 Alum Clad-LS Corner Mtg Stile

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